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Stock music six song offer. This progressive music file is made of six different versions of the song Morning Glories. This song is included on the album The Secret Room Sessions.

This original album is available to listen to for free on streaming platforms.(Get all the info needed following this link)

You can also license every song included in this musical album following this other link.

Using a full-length song can be good for a slide show or a silent movie. But if you want to do a voice over promo or to use a music file as a background to improve a presentation or dialogues in a movie scene, loops or jingles work better.

That’s why we are working on making loops and jingles taken out from all the oldest albums published over the course of the last years available to our customers. Those songs were produced as single versions only, and tons of moods and atmosphere parts were passed over.

Each song owns an individual feeling or mood. Depending on your needs.

Morning Glories is a Progressive Rock Song in the Style of Yes, or Genesis of the first years. Lots of polyrhythm patterns, performed with many different types of guitars such as 12 strings, an electric guitar with a clean sound, and even a fretless guitar.

Vintage string sounds and a large bass pedal synthesizer sound are also featured in this song.

It works perfectly for a 70s type of movie or as a new age soft background for any self-improvement, achievement videos, or poetics moods.

The file Morning Glories features six different version of the song

  • The entire song Morning Glories
  • four different jingles
  • one loop

You are free to buy each of the six versions you want at the regular price. But if you have many promos to do in this music style, or if you want to brand your product with the same song, without having to use always the same track, you can buy the full pack and get a significant saving.


Morning Glories Six Versions Pack

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Morning Glories 6 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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  • Description

Morning Glories is a progressive rock type of song with typical polyrhythm patterns. It is performed with a 12 strings guitar, polysynth vintage sounds, and a massive bass synth, along with a regular bassline. It features a cosmic and moody feeling that fits perfectly with a background music for voice over. It is taken out of the complete song Morning Glories that can be licensed as well.

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