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Latin JazzStock music library. Latin jazz commercial license music for advertisement.

Latin Jazz Vol 1 highlights five songs in the soft Latin jazz music style.

Caribbean has a calypso groove. The orchestration is jazz guitar, accordion, mute trumpet, bass, timbales, and drums. The song owns a bright and positive groove.

Caribbean 30″ is an extract of the song with an ending. It is perfect for a TV or radio commercial.

Cool Bossa is a new version of the song Quai des Brunes. It is interpreted by a nylon acoustic guitar and a warm vintage synth. The style of the song is a cool bossa nova. It can be used as background for a video.

Quai des Brunes is the original version of the song. It is highlighted on the album Positive Grooves. This version is performed with two nylon guitars, a choir, a bass and a drum. The groove is based on a traditional rhythm.

JTT is also included àon the album Positive Grooves. It is a melodic bossa nova song, owning a delicate and advanced orchestration. Various type of guitars and synthesizer perform a beautiful and bewitched score.


Latin Jazz Vol 1

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Latin Jazz Vol 1
Year: 2017
  • Tracks
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Caribbean $49.95
caribbean 30" $49.95
Cool Bossa $49.95
Quai des brunes $49.95
JTT $49.95

Get 4 songs for $75 instead of $249.75. This is a great saving if you intend to use them all. You can also buy them individually.

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