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Using Good Acoustic Guitar Music Licensing for Social Media Videos

Acoustic Guitar Music LicensingWhether you’re creating social media videos for fun or to market your products and services, a good acoustic guitar music is sure to give them an extra shine. Took a video of your puppies and wanted to share them with your friends? You can use a groovy acoustic background music like Junior Shuffle Unplugged to bring out the joy in your video. Or, you can use something like Walking on Air in your promotional videos to instill a sense of togetherness with your target audience.

When choosing good acoustic music for your videos, you need to remember not to overuse the track you’ve chosen. Repetition puts your videos at risk of losing their unique quality and the message that your videos are trying to may be lost


The background music that you use will set the mood of your videos, so you need to make sure that you get the perfect match. For example, social media videos highlighting professional services tend to do well with happy music background tracks.

Also, steer clear of background music that has a sad tone to it unless you’re sure that this kind of music is what your target audience will relate to. A good acoustic guitar music licensing store should be able to provide you with the choices you need to set the right mood for your social media videos.

If you can’t find the right music to match your social media video, you can also try contacting the store to help you come up with a good solution.

With or Without Lyrics

Lyrics can add to the story that you’re trying to tell with your videos. However, if your videos have on-camera narrations or voiceovers, it can overwhelm your audience if you use background music with lyrics. Find acoustic guitar music licensing that has not lyrics to emphasize your video’s message and not overpower its audio.

Using Your Background Music

happy musicOnce you’ve found the right acoustic guitar music licensing for your video, you’ll probably wonder next how to add it, or more specifically, which part. While aligning the start of your social media video with your chosen background music’s intro might work most of the time, that isn’t always a good fit. The important thing to remember is to find the best parts of your chosen music to match specific parts of your video.

The same applies when it comes to the end of your video and music. While it’s great if the ending of your chosen background music fits the end of your video, sometimes it’d be better to go for slowly fading background music.

What You Need to Remember

The major thing to remember when it comes to finding quality music for your video is to make sure that you have the right to use it. An acoustic guitar music licensing store has information on how you can use their media and how you shouldn’t use them. You’ll also be provided with an End-User License Agreement that will state the terms of the license that you’re purchasing and what options you have.

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