Tools I use to Run Music Licensing Deal

Tools I Use To Run & Market Music Licensing Deal

This directory is intended to change on a regular basis. Up to now, I have used tons of tools and resources. Some of them regularly over time. I stopped using others because of non-stop Google algorithm updates. What used to work years ago is only good to get your site sandboxed today.

Some of them are new to me, and I use them without having the necessary distance to have a definitive opinion on their effectiveness.

So here are the tools I am using right now. Some of the links included own affiliate links, some other don’t. The main purpose of this page is not earning beer money spamming every program I can find an affiliate link to cram in there.

Some of those resources are going to get a detailed article. The ones who are going to get covered depends solely on people interest and keyword value.

Running the site

  • Music StoreFirst of all, this site is powered by the Music Store plugin. I wouldn’t be able to run this site without it. This is the core of this website. I searched for hours and this is the only plugin for WordPress intended to run a music shop. It’s easy to configure and support is top notch. They also have a woo commerce version Music Player for WooCommerce. Depending on your need it might be a better alternative. I am personally not a big fan of Woo Commerce.

Video Making

  • MovieStudioPlatinum14: This is an amazing video editor software. This is the light version of Vegas pro. Sony Vegas was acquired by a German company named Magix. SInce they released the update of the program. The 14 version is their contribution to the original program developed by Sony. It rocks, even better than the original one. I am using Movie Studio Platinum since version 11 I think. This is the software I’m using to make all the videos on my Youtube channel since the last three years. Lucky you the price tag dropped from $100 to $49 for the Platinum version.


  • CertifiedHosting: This is where the site is hosted. I have a Geek account. Support is excellent and friendly. If one-day server usage gets too big I might move to a cloud server hosting, but as of now, the Geek account is all I need. I’m a customer of certified hosting since probably 2009…
  • HostBudget: is a $1 hosting I use to host an aged domain I bought to run as landing pages to this website. Works great and support is responsive.
  • MyTrueHost: is another $1 hosting on which I run an aged domain to use as landing pages to this blog.
  • Prewebhost: Another great $1 hosting to host a small website project or a BPN. I’m hosting a video blog to drive traffic to my other personal music blog.
  • Amazon AWS: I’m using Amazon S3 to host my wave and mp3 files. It’s the best, most affordable and secure service to host files. Cool thing, the first year is free.

SEO Tools Analysis

  • RankTracker Pro: I use it all the time. It’s part of the SEO Power Suite and one of the best tool of the fourth. It allows you to track your ranking and to find the best long term keyword for your marketing campaign. A must. I run it before every article. Whether I write it or order it.
  • Website Auditor Pro: The second tool included in the SEO Power Suite bundle. Another amazing tool I use all the time. It allows auditing every site and pages to track all the SEO and technical errors as well as tracking competitor keywords and SEO strategy.
  • SEO SpyGlass Pro: The third tool from the SEO Powersuite collection. It tracks your backlinks or your competitor backlinks and audit them to know if they are good or if they can harm your site. You can also disavow harmful backlinks.
  • Link Assistant Pro: Lets you find and manage your linking campaign as well as finding quality sites to post comments on, and competitors. You can also find forums in your niche and many other options.
  • SEO PowerSuite Pro: If like me you want to use the complete suite of software, you can buy them all and benefit a substantial saving.
  • SEO Powersuite Enterprise: If you are rich or running a large internet marketing agency, you can get the enterprise version to get unlimited functions of every program.

SEO Tools submission

  • GSA Sear Engine Ranker: THE most popular and acclaimed search engine ranker tool. Use it well and you’ll skyrocket the SE, use it bad and you can say goodbye to your website.
  • GSA Captcha Breaker: The tool to go along with GSA SER. It is a great money saving. It saves 100 of dollars a month in manual captcha service.
  • GSA SEO Indexer: a great little tool to index all the backlinks created with GSA SER.
  • GSA Proxy Scraper; is a proxy scraping software that harvests proxies quickly. It is working fine to scrape proxies for GSA SER and SEO Indexer. Even if those programs feature a public proxy scraper. If you are short on cash you can skip this one. I personally use it and it’s a great tool. It is more stable than the free proxy scraper included.
  • GSA PR Emulator:  Google ranking system is dead. It hasn’t been updated since years. If you have a software that let you set the PR you want to submit your URLs to, this tool replace it with other metrics from sites such as SemRush, AlexaTrafficRank or Yandex.
  • GSA SEO Bundle: get GSA SER, Captcha breaker and the Indexer in one package deal and save some money. Really cool if you intend to use them all.
  • Following Like: I use this tool to update my Tumblr blogs, G+ pages, Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I’m using the Ultimate Edition.
  • BotChief Pro Developer Version: A cool software to automate anything. You can create your own software and sell it. Easy to master.

SEO Services

  • StormProxies: A good private proxy seller. Their uniqueness is their back-connect rotating proxies service. Rotating proxies automatically change IP on three different setting: each HTTP request, every 3 minutes and every 15 minutes. I use this service with GSA SER. I set them for submitting only. I use public proxies for search engines.
  • SEO Spartan: The most affordable Catchall email service to use with GSA SER and every submission program you might use for your promotion. starts at $6.60/month first month free. It’s a no brainer.
  • The name says it all. A website to find expired domains for PBN and any other projects such as landing pages or starting a new project.
  • The Hoth: SEO Reseller Program. They offer a huge variety of services. Up to now, I used their press release service and their backlink service. The famous Hoth Platinum Standard Filipino Content. For both offers, I selected the 40 High Domain Authority + 20 EDU/GOV Safe SEO High DA Backlinks. I’ll see in the long run how effective it is.

Update: after 2 months of having used their services, I only like the press release service that I think is fantastic. I get lots of ranking and backlink from them. The rest is horrible and the Hoth Platinum Standard Filipino Content, which is simply a Linkwheel, is high crap and might as well hurt your site. Same for the High Domain Authority deal. It’s just spamming using automation tools. When everything goes well, they call you at will, when you start being unhappy and ask for a refund of a fix to your order, the phone stops ringing.

Text Writing

  • iWriter: this is one of the most affordable writer services online. I’m using it a lot on this site for certain articles and on other projects. It can be really good and quite cheap ($3 for a 500 words article) if you know how to set your order and run your account. I made an article just to include in my orders to not have to reenter the same requirement each time.
  • Spinrewriter: This is by far the best spinner program available today. I use it with great attention. Using a spinner the wrong way is the best way to get penalized by Google. I never use the spintax as it is. I always generate a unique article and edit it until it looks like a real article, written by a human being. Instead of generating 100s of unique, unreadable articles in few minutes I create a brand new, perfectly readable text in 10 minutes. I never publish more than 2 or 3 version of the same article a day. Most of the time I wait few weeks before publishing a new version of the original text, and I always write an intro and outro paragraph as well as a unique title.

Update: Since we switched to SpinnerChief simply because Spinrewiter only covers the English languages. SpinnerChief delivers equal result in English, but also include a huge list of languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, etc… Since we are an EU company working also in French and other languages, we felt that the switch was mandatory. If you only work in English Spinrewiter is amazing.

  • Spinner Chief: I bought the Ultimate version one time fee of $197. Great program to generate unique articles for GSA and tier sites. Works in a huge amount of language. The program is delivered with a free version of Content Bomb, .

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