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Unlicensed Music Electro Ambient Pack OfferUnlicensed Music Video Background Tracks

Planet Waves – No Lead is a Creative Common 3 songs license pack offer intended for commercial media projects.

The file owns three different version of the song Planet Waves.

  • Planet Waves – Bells & Drops is the core of the song without the drums, bass, and synth guitar parts. It only features the ambient generated spacial sounds, as well as the bells and drops, sounds to render an atmospheric soundtrack that delivers a hypnotic mood to any video.
  • Planet Waves – No lead owns the same out of space sounds, but a drum track and a fat and soft bass line have been added to it. The piece delivers the same mood as the Planet Waves – Bells & Drops, but the drum and bass tracks render a more delimited outcome to the song.
  • Planet Waves is the complete song featuring an added synth guitar playing a repetitive melody.

If you are looking for a free version of the song, you can use the Planet Waves – No lead – Free Ambient Soundtrack file. Keep in mind that this free offer is limited to non-commercial media projects only. Read the license agreement carefully before using it. You must also link back to the site to have the right to use it.



Planet Waves 3 versions pack

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Planet Waves 3 versions pack
Year: 2017
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