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Chasing the Light 7 tracks deal

Upbeat songs saving deal offer – Enlight your corporate videos

Upbeat songs are the best background music you can get for corporate promotional videos. That type of music delivers a positive and charming mood to your promotion.

Music for background videos is most of the time unperceived by the end user. They notice when there is no music, but when the music is perfectly chosen for the video, they only enjoy the overall mood of the clip.

Chasing The Light is a happy song at 150 BPM. It features an acoustic guitar, and aerial piano that is performing the melody, and a subtle disco drum pattern to give a steady and upbeat tempo to the song.

The file owns seven different versions of the song. The main title song, which is 03:31 long, loops of various length and a jingle.

You can employ the full-length song for silent videos, or film soundtrack. The loops are more indicated for voice-over videos or slideshows.

You can loop them as long as you want and use fade in and fade out effects to leave rooms for the voice over.

Using different loops in the same video is the best way to avoid it to be repetitive and annoying while keeping the same mood and tempo throughout the video.

The jingle is perfect for radio ads or TV commercial. You can always use it for short videos or to end the clip in order to use the ending of it, to finish the clip nicely after having used different loops during the video.

You can buy each track of this Upbeat Songs independently or benefits from a massive saving buying the entire pack. You can use any track in any numbers of videos, as long as you are the only end user. Read carefully the end user license you’re going to receive after buying the audio file.


Searching the Light

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Chasing the Light 7 Versions Pack
Year: 2017
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Searching the Light is an upbeat song with a 150 BPM tempo. It's a happy song with a positive, uplifting mood. It fits perfectly for corporate videos. Acoustic guitar, atmospheric synth and electro disco drums.

corporate videos, upbeat song, happy song, uplifting mood, Acoustic guitar, atmospheric synth, electro disco drums

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