Video Making – Video Editing the Easy Way

Video Making. A Straightforward Guide to Video Editing

This introduction to video making is intended for newbies seeking basic guidelines to start making video the right way.

Editing a video is the most important part of delivering a captivating movie. It can be the most creative as well as the most time-consuming part of the video making. It requires a lot of judgment to get one hour of footage down to the best 10 minutes.

There is a vast choice of free Video editing software available for Mac and PC. It is an effortless and handy way to edit your videos and is ideal for beginners.

Keep in mind that most of those free video editing programs have limited editing features. After a while, you may want to get into a more sophisticated program. Here at Musiclicensingdeal, we are using Movie Studio Platinum 14.0.

Incorporate your company logo and brand identity into any onscreen graphics. Once you’re happy with your final film, it’s time to upload it to YouTube. YouTube accepts videos up to ten minutes long for a new account.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of videos you can upload, but there’s a file size limit of 100MB for ‘standard’ accounts. These boundaries disappear when you have a certain amount of videos and followers to your account. And also if your account follows their guideline to the core.

YouTube accepts an array of video document formats. Once you have got a YouTube accounts, you can upload your video using the ‘Upload Videos’ icon in the very best right-hand part of your account.

The most important part of video making is the same as site building, blogging, Adsense ads, etc. It’s a meticulous and perpetual keyword search. Every time you make a video, you must start by the keyword search, before even starting filming or writing the screenplay.

The video must be built around the keyword, not the other way around. It is the keyword that tells you what to film. Many people are searching a good keyword for their video after they filmed it. It’s the wrong way to do. You are going to search forever, and never or rarely come up with a related and strong keyword.

Music Soundtrack

video editing

There’s no good video without a good soundtrack. Even if instrumental background music sites are legions, there are not many alternatives to a good audio background.

You are an amateur, and you are only doing videos for fun, or you are a webmaster or a marketer, and you are using videos to promote your products or services.

For amateur video makers, we recommend you to use copyright free music you can find right on Youtube. You just upload your video without any music, and right after you published it, just click on edit and choose a copyright free song in their listing.

If you are a professional video maker, even if this article wasn’t intended for you in the first place, we highly recommend you to stay away from free music and even worse, those $1 license sites. The music is overplayed and already used in 1000s of videos. If you want to be considered seriously by your prospects, you must use a high-quality music that is unique or not overused.

We are distributing an extensive portfolio of quality music in every music style needed. From upbeat corporate music to nu-jazz and heavy metal.

We hope this article was interesting. Do not hesitate if you have any questions to ask.

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