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Blues Crashing - 9 Versions PackVideoProduction music tracks package

Blues Crashing is a lively mid-tempo shuffle blues. It features all the traditional guitar blues riffs and a heated melodic solo.
The guitar is backed up by a hot trio, consisting of an organ with a Leslie sound, an electric bass, and a drum performing a steady grooving shuffle part.

The file contains the full-length song, as well as eight different loops taken from the song, and mixed with and without the lead guitar, to allow you to craft the marketing campaign you have to achieve.
Each loop consists of a 12 bars blues that can be looped forever without getting annoying.

The particular structure of the blues permits to manage all the loops in any order, without rendering and awkward result. You can use the guitar free loops for the voice over parts, and insert a guitar loop to use as a pause in your speech.

Finally, the complete song Blues Crashing can be used as a backing track or as an intro or outro music for a movie production.


Blues Crashing Pack

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Blues Crashing 9 Tracks Pack
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About Blues Crashing 9 Tracks Pack

Blues Crashing is a traditional shuffle blues featuring a bluesy lead guitar, an organ, a bass, and drums.

The pack features the full-length song and 8 different loops.

4 with the lead guitar, and 4 with only the backing trio: Organ, bass, and drums.

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